Pole Lopper - Geared

  • Product No:
  • GD-19531
  • Keyfeature:
  • •Cutting blade: 5mm, SK5 high carbon steel with non-stick coated

    •With plastic safety base & clip fittings

    •5M pole telescopic aluminum handle – 3 sections

    •Interchangeable saw blade: 300mm SK5 high carbon steel

    •Utilize a Vertical movement of the cutting blade, departing from the traditional pivoting, blade to give a clean shearing action without the need for twisting or wrenching to complete the cut or to free a stuck blade.

    •The combination of pulley and gear action multiplies the pull exerted on the rope by around 20 times and the hidden roller guides keep the straight line movement of the blade and with a minimum of friction.

    •A 50kg (110lb) pull on the rope means that a force of 1000kg (2200lb) is applied to the blade. With this force, the tree lopper is able to shear 45mm (1.75”) of green wood with relative ease.


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