About Us


was established in 1986 and has served clients in the Australasia,Baltic regions, Europe, Scandinavia, the U.K., the Middle East, North and South America and also the Pacific basin.


G&D offer a full multi-tiered range of Garden Tools and Equipment, which is produced to G&D's Engineering Standards with all necessary in process and pre-shipment inspections.


G&D is proud to announce that some of our first customers are still with us and a number of our customers have been ordering regularly more than ten years. We look forward to adding your company to G&D's growing list of satisfied customers.


Principle- " First in Quality"

All G&D products are manufactured to G&D engineering specifications and all components are inspected before assembly to ensure that every part meets G&D exacting standards.


After your tool is assembled, a final check is made to make sure that every part is fitted correctly and that the action of each moving part is smooth and functional and that the operation of the tools is comfortable for the user.